Monday, August 29, 2011

What to Wear for Fall Family Photos

What to wear almost one of the most asked questions I get for inquiries on photo sessions! (Number One is always--can you make me look skinnier!)....but....alas, this post isn't about making you skinny cause I am NO dietician that's for darn sure--it's about making you dress to impress and make your photos stand out among the rest!

What to wear is always one of the most stressful parts of anyone’s life (aside from having a baby, getting know! hee hee) right when you have to make 17 texts to just see what your friends are wearing before you head out to your first day of high school. It always seems like you can have a closet bursting at the seams with clothes that you LOVED in the store, but now that it’s time to be infront of the camera and you want your photos to really capture who you and your are and to even think about getting the kiddos in their "Sunday best" for some photos, there’s all of a sudden a huge panic at the disco.

Here are a quick couple of rules for you to keep in mind:

• Big commercial companies are always thrilled when you spend hundreds of dollars on clothes with their big logos. It’s free advertising for them,  don’t let your living room wall become a billboard for the brand names!!! Steer clear of big logos, or clothes with images on them (whether it be a glittery dog or picture of your favourite cartoon) and opt for fun colors and patterns instead. A couple of companies that plaster their logo on clothes are AE, Henley, Lulu, Converse...don't give in to them!

• Coordination does NOT mean matching. Next time you are in the mall, or out walking the clothing stores, just look at the windows that are made up. Unless some sort of theme or holiday, most stores are showing you several different outfits in the same tones (think or earth tones, cool tones etc) so that their display looks cohesive and pleasing to the eye. Rarely will you see 4 mannequins wearing the exact same outfits!  Learn from this and mix it up a little!  I always hear that my portraits grab people attention because there is COLOUR!  Not black and white....COLOUR...

• There are several laws in this universe you just can’t dispute. Kids pick their noses, the sky is up, if a child is wearing white - they will get dirty in 5 seconds, if you are low on gas of course their isn't a gas station in site, toast lands jam side down, and good hair days happen on rainy days. While it’s nice to want to preserve that heirloom outfit your great grandmother’s grandmother lovingly hand knit for baby in photos, the park is unfortunately not the place to do it. If it’s expensive or special or something you don’t want to ruin, leave it at home. You will have a much easier time relaxing and letting the kids have fun and be themselves in something comfortable and relaxed.  Even have the kids help you pick out what they want to wear!  That makes them feel like they have more of a say and they want to be apart of the session more.

To give you an idea of what I mean about coordination vs matching, I have looked varies sites and brought together some of my favourite family "mall window" pictures. Here are some photos that should give you a great idea of what I mean. Try to stick to the same color palette or the same tones for all of the outfits. All of the shirts don’t need to be primary color polo shirts, nor do all the shirts need to be white and all the pants the same shade of khaki. However, if Henry is wearing something with orange, it’s not a bad idea to have some element of Henretta’s outfit have orange as well.

Some clothing stores try to make your job easier by having a kids section in their store--ei. Old Navy, Mexx, Gap...etc....

I hope this helps some of you!

Have a great last week of summer and can't wait to capture all my families this fall!


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